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Notable Fish & Fishermen of 2006 !

2006 American Legion Fishing Derby Results Are:

First Place--Doug Ross, Auburn  11 lb. 4 oz., 30" length, 16" girth

Second Place--David Chase, Puyallup  9 lb. 15 oz, 28" length, 15 3/4" girth

Third Place--Richard Giertz, Ft.Lewis  9 lb. 6 oz, 29" length, 16" girth


Left hand photo, Richard Giertz (left), Doug Ross (right) with Third & First Place Derby Fish.  Right hand photo, "Second Place Derby Fish" (David Chase, Second Place Winner,  not pictured). Left to right, Brittnie, Stephanie Chase, Jeremy, David Chase, Jr.


Above, more magnificent fish, too late to qualify or not quite big enough to place.  Left to right, Jake, Enumclaw 7 lb, 9 oz, 25 inches.  Don Davis, Puyallup, showing wife Vickie's 7 lb. 15 oz. trout.   In the two photos on the right, Josh of Eatonville is weighed in two minutes after the closing of the derby with a beautiful 9 lb, 8 oz. trout.



More fish caught in Mineral Lake during the first two weeks of May.  Left to right:  Helen Talley, Buckley 7 lb., 27" caught on May 1.  On May 2, Freddy Garcia caught his 10 3/4 lb, 28 3/4" rainbow at the public access dock using rainbow Powerbait.  Joey Cebula (3rd from left) of Tacoma caught his 9.6 lb. 28" Rainbow with yellow power eggs on May 1st.  (He did it again with a very nice 27 1/2 incher on May 28th.  See that photo below.)  The Libri family of Mineral snagged this 27", 8lb, 6oz. rainbow on May 15th.  Joe Duran, of New Mexico (3rd & 4th photos from the left) had a great weekend on Mineral Lake!  On May 13 he caught a 26 1/4" rainbow weighing in at 8 lb, 9 oz.  On May 14 he did it again with a 26 1/4 incher weighing 6 lbs.  Mary Fuhrman, Puyallup was pleased with her 26 1/2", 6 lb, 7 oz rainbow caught on her husband Ralph's famous "Fuhrmanator Fly" on Mother's Day, May 14th.


The third week of May brought some hot weather and some hot fishing.  Dave Koroski of Puyallup landed his 29", 8 1/4 lb. rainbow on May 16.  On May 18, Mike Standal and his golden retriever, Donnay By The Sea, caught a nice 18 inch rainbow weighing 1 1/2 lbs.  On the 19th, Gary Yager caught a 26 inch, 6 1/2 incher.  Vi Diamond, age 7, of Lakewood is pictured with a 14 inch rainbow on May 21st.  He was very happy and proud of his catch of the day!  Denise, of Bonney Lake caught her 26 inch rainbow on May 27th trolling the "Fuhrmanator Fly". Joey Cebula and his second big fish of the season weighing in at 7 3/4 lbs and 27 1/2 inches long was caught on May 28th.  The fishing on Memorial Day weekend was the best ever, but the weather was not.

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