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Photos from Don & Marie Lyday Fore

These photos are of Elbe, Pierce County, Washington, just a few miles north of Mineral.

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Adam Sach's (owner of the Elbe lumber mill) residence (above)
was on the east side of town on the hill.
The photo below was taken from the Sach's home, looking west across town.

The photo below is taken looking south, down Nisqually Avenue in Elbe.
This is the street that enters the intersection of the present day Hwy 7 & Hwy 706
at the bridge over the Nisqually River near the Elbe Tavern..

The photo of the bridge below is the second Nisqually river bridge,
looking up-river (to the east).  The left side of that photo is where
Nisqually Avenue in the above photo intersects.

The photo below is of the Pioneer Restaurant, on Nisqually Avenue.  To the right of the restaurant is the Pioneer Hotel.  If you look at the photo of Nisqually Avenue,  above, you can see the Pioneer Restaurant on the right, with the Pioneer Hotel behind it.  You can still see part of the Pioneer Hotel foundation, which is being used as a retaining wall in the parking lot of the Elbe Tavern.

The photo below is of Elbe, taken from the hillside to the north of what is now the Elbe Mall, looking southeast toward the Sach's home.  I believe the church is the same one that is behind the Elbe Mall.

The Elbe Depot, built by Tacoma-Eastern Railroad.  You can see the Adam Sach's home
on the hill in the background to the left of the depot.

The Cedar Shingle Company was owned by Henry and John Horn.

The ladies below were photographed on the front porch of Butler's Store in Elbe.


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